Salt world

The salt can do wonders not only to tasteless food but also to your body and spirit. In the V Spa salt world, you can relax and nurture your health in two different types of saunas.

Salt Stone Sauna (temperature 60⁰С)

This sauna is particularly useful especially for those who have problems with breathing, allergies or asthma. On the walls of the sauna with low temperature and low humidity, we use a natural salt stone. Your body will be purified, and the skin can breathe better. Relaxation and stress relief has never before been so enjoyable.

Salt Steam Sauna (temperature 40-44⁰С)

We know that in your opinion, lower heat, salt, and steam are a great trio. That is why this sauna with 100% humidity is the right one for you. Rub your body with massaging movements with natural sea salt and keep it on your skin for 5-10 minutes. After showering, you will feel that your skin softer, smoother, more vibrant and brighter. Inhalation of salt air also has a healing effect on the respiratory tract.

Yes, forget trips to the Dead Sea. In between throwing water on the heater, you can enjoy the saltwater pool, the world with the unique opportunity to float on the water and relax. The saltwater pool is good for metabolism, rejuvenates the skin, alleviates joint, and muscle inflammation boosts blood circulation and helps against stress, insomnia, and anxiety.

If you are experiencing pleasant exhaustion from the sauna and swimming pool experience, relax in the lounge chairs in the recreation area.

From Monday to Friday:

18:00 Estonian sauna ritual
19:00 Salt sauna ritual
20:00 Estonian sauna ritual
21:00 Salt sauna ritual


16.00 Hamam ritual (for an additional fee)
17.00 Salt sauna ritual
18.00 Estonian sauna ritual
19.00 Hamam ritual (for an additional fee)
20.00 Salt sauna ritual
21.00 Estonian sauna ritual


14.00 Hamam ritual (for an additional fee)
Salt sauna ritual
Estonian sauna ritual
Hamam ritual (for an additional fee)
Salt sauna ritual
Estonian sauna ritul