Good Spa Practices

image001Dear V Spa Guest!

It is natural that you want to feel good and comfortable with us. We want you to always come back with great joy in your heart. To make your spa visit as pleasant as possible, please follow the good practices of V Spa.




  • Sometimes you are surely in such a hurry that every minute is counted. However, please arrive at the treatment 5-10 minutes early, so that you would be able to let the spa administrator know that you have arrived, leave your outerwear in the wardrobe, and relax in order to set the tone for the impending pleasures.
  • While the ringtone of your phone might be enchanting, please turn your mobile to the silent mode, and speak in a quiet voice in the public spa areas.
  • Children are the flowers of life, so do not leave them unattended, and also explain to them the spa etiquette.
  • If a relaxing massage or a bath and hand treatment is awaiting you, remove all your baubles, bangles and beads.
  • We give you the boy scouts word of honor that spa treatments are carried out by professional spa staff who use only high-quality care products.
  • Before letting us take care of you, tell the specialist honestly about all your health problems and special conditions (chronic diseases, allergies, pregnancy, etc.).
  • We will let you know during the procedures what products we use, at what stage we currently are and what kind effect the treatment is supposed to have.
  • Your 100% satisfaction is important to us. Do not hesitate to let the spa staff know whether you are comfortable and feel good.
  • We are very grateful if, after the treatment, you share with us constructive feedback on your spa experience. This valuable information helps us to understand your expectations, hopes and needs better, and thanks to this we will be able to give you even more pleasure on your next visits.