Sauna rituals

Sauna rituals in the Finnish sauna, Salt and steam bath and the Russian banya

Sauna rituals at V Spa offer extraordinary ways to relax and experience the sauna culture

Finnish sauna ritual:
During the 10-minute ritual, the guests are expected only to relax and celebrate the heat along with the sauna master. The ritual consists of various elements from using the traditional Estonian "viht" (collection of tree branches) in the beginning, to using the ice cold water during the hottest part of the ritual, to cool down. Everyone is welcome to attend, if they are sure their health withstands it. If the ritual turns out to be hotter than expected, there is always a chance to sit on a lower level or leave earlier.

Salt-steam bath ritual
The salt-steam sauna ritual is perfect for giving the ideal finish to your spa experience. During the 10-minute ritual the guests can scrub their body with a mixture of sea salt, Dead Sea salt and massage oil. Salt scrubs dead skin cells from the body and oil moisturizes and nourishes it. If the ritual is held in the end of spa visit, then it is not recommended to use shower gel or soap to leave a thin layer of oil on your skin. The next day starts with a pleasant surprise that the skin is still silky soft and the sleep has been sweeter than honey.

Shea butter ritual
Titled as "gold of African women", shea butter can now be found in the very heart of Tartu, at V Spa. Shea butter is a key component in our two-course sauna rituals held in the Russian banya. Our guests can first treat their skin with ice cold and aromatic shea butter that heals and protects the skin, leaving it smelling like sweet raspberries or melted chocolate. In the second half of the ritual our guests can treat themselves with a marma points massage that has a harmonious and balancing effect on the whole body. The 10-minute ritual leaves a protective layer of shea butter on the skin, which is why it is recommended to leave the ritual at the end of your visit.

Moroccan ritual
The Moroccan ritual is ideal for both the beginning and the middle of a spa visit. Its cleansing effect prepares the body for the upcoming saunas and aquatics. First, the participants apply sabon bildi, the Moroccan black soap, to their skin, the smell and texture of which you’ll recognize immediately if you have visited Moroccan or Turkish baths. This is followed by skin exfoliation with brown sugar and Estonian honey to remove dead skin cells. By the end of the ritual, your skin is squeaky clean and the nourishing effect of the honey will stay with you for just a little longer.

Dear Guest. If your spa ticket includes the sauna, where the ritual is held, the ritual is free for you!

17:30 –Moroccan ritual
18:15  Finnish sauna ritual
19:00 – Salt ritual*
20:00 – Finnish sauna ritual
21:00 – Shea butter ritual*

17:00 –Moroccan ritual
18:00 –Finnish sauna ritual
19:00 –Salt ritual*
20:00 –Finnish sauna ritual
21:00 – Shea butter ritual*

15:00 –
Moroccan ritual
16:00 – Finnish sauna ritual
17:00 Salt ritual*
18:00 – Finnish sauna ritual
19:00 – Shea butter ritual*

*We recommend you finish your spa visit with a salt-steam bath or shea butter ritual

Finnish sauna rituals take place in the Finnish sauna in the Sauna world. Salt rituals take place in the Salt-steam bath in the Salt world. Shea butter rituals take place in the Russian banya in the Sauna world. Moroccan ritual takes places in the Salt-steam bath in the Salt world