Water and sauna center

Who does not like it when the water and sauna center is diverse and unique?

That is why in V Spa are waiting 11 different swimming pools and Jacuzzis. Let the underwater massage of the relaxation pool knead your body and frolic with toddlers in the children’s pool with fun water attractions. The smallest ones can have fun in the water in the babies’ ship floating track. Forget the worries of the world in the Japanese pool filled with warm water, or take up your courage and walk through the cold and hot water walking track of Kneipp therapy.

Since we know that a sauna bath will bring a smile to your face, we can offer them in three different temperatures and humidity degrees.

Steam sauna

True, the steam and the heat make a good duo. The effect of this sauna is the largest at a temperature of 43 to 46 degrees and 100% humidity. You are constantly inside a warm nebula and can unwind completely. Steam cleans your skin, which improves its texture, tone, and elasticity. The influence of a steam sauna makes your body stronger and reacts less to changes in the weather. Since it also wears off calories, it also improves cardiovascular fitness.

Sauna with a gas heater

Something for those who long for a sauna shelf with steps and a gas heated sauna heater. The windows offer a wonderful view of Riia street. You feel that you are enjoying the pleasant 80 degrees of the sauna in the middle of the bustling city life.


In order to enjoy the authentic Turkish bath, you no longer need to travel to Istanbul. It is a bath with low temperature (38-42 ° C) and up to 100% humidity. The special nature of the bath is the warm marble shelf for relaxing and sweating on while you are preparing yourself for washing. In the Hamam, a body sweats a lot and the pores open. You will become purified of harmful substances and, thanks to the warming of the muscles and joints, the rheumatic ailments, and joint pains are reduced. Relax pleasantly and be relieved of tension, while both the body and the soul are being refreshed.

Would you like to experience something new? We recommend an exotic skin care procedure - Fish therapy. Doctor fish (Garra Rufas) will clean and peel your feet, feeding on the superficial dead skin cells. At the same time, the fish also perform micro-massage that tones the skin and improves blood circulation. You will be leaving the hardworking fish with strikingly beautiful legs and a great gratitude.

Garra Rufa Express Fish Treatment for feet 20 min 1 person 19€
Garra Rufa Express Fish Treatment for feet 20 min 2 persons 27€

If you want, for a change, to do nothing and just be quiet and alone, then take some time off with warm lounge and relaxation chairs.