Sauna world

We know that the release of tension in the sauna is just your cup of tea. Therefore, V Spa is inviting you to four different relaxing and healing saunas, each special in its own way.

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Finnish sauna (temperature 90-110⁰С)

Yes, if you would like to forget about everything else, the sizzling heat is right for you. The Sauna walls are covered with natural birch logs that will fondle your eyes. Here the air is hot and dry, but thanks to the sauna shelf with steps, you can enjoy a variety of degrees of heat. You will occasionally have to throw water onto the hot stove stones to increase the heat. The Sauna helps muscle and joint stiffness and the tensioning thereof, sensitivity and pain, and long-term neck, shoulder and back pains. Also, it improves the blood flow in the skin.

Juniper Sauna (temperature 70⁰С)

We understand that in addition to the warmth you also want to experience a pleasant scent. This sauna has an average temperature and low humidity(15-25%). The genuine fragrance of juniper wood has an anti-inflammatory and antiviral effect. It strengthens the body's resistance to diseases, and respiratory diseases are relieved. The Sauna also has a positive impact on your mood, relaxes, relieves tension, accelerates metabolism, and excites the immune system.

Russian Banya (temperature 50-60⁰С)

Of course, you have heard that the Russian Banya is characterized by a large electric heater with which enough steam is created to form a thick cloud of steam. Thanks to the peculiarities of the sauna, your pores will open and be purified, and the dead skin cells are cleaned and removed. Thanks to abundant perspiration you will acquire more proteins, fats, carbohydrates and trace elements. This, in turn, stimulates metabolism and weight loss.

Steam bath (temperature 43-46⁰С)

If you fancy a lower heat, the steam bath is the right place for you. In the steam room, mosaic tiles adorn the walls, and the relative humidity is up to 100%. Thanks to a steam bath, the body reacts less to changes in the weather and does not become sick so easily. The blood flow increases, pore-clogging sebum, and sweat are excreted so that the skin breathes better and looks more elastic and sanguine. This is true relaxation that on the one hand gives power, and on the other hand, will help keep your health and beauty.

Ice sauna (temperature 4-8 ⁰С)

If even thinking about a hot sauna makes you weak in the knees and head go dizzy, then the Ice sauna is the perfect antidote against the heat. Have a relaxing cool down in our wintry ice room where the atmosphere is set by an authentic wall of ice and the snow like crushed ice. The low temperature helps your body to relax and regain the harmonious state for continuing your V Spa experience.

Honey sauna (temperature 60-70⁰С)

Honey clearly has an amazing effect on your whole body. But why stop at that? The aspen cut honeycomb design, bee like black and yellow colors and the sound of nature that surrounds you in the sauna, makes you feel as if you are visiting the home of a friendly bumblebee. The Honey sauna has a relaxing effect that removes tensions, improves metabolism and reinvigorates the immune system. The glass cut Honey sauna is situated in the relaxation area of the Sauna world and offers parents the opportunity to keep an eye on their kids while they build castles in the nearby sand box.

Experience showers

A Caribbean storm with exotic scents, an early cold mist, or perhaps an icy waterfall after the Finnish sauna – shower yourself with exhilarating sensations any time you feel like enjoying a refreshing break!