Purchase conditions

  1. V Spa gift cards can be used for purchasing V Spa products (except other gift cards) and services.
  2. Gift cards can be used based on their unique code.
  3. The unique code of the gift cards must be prevented from reaching unwanted third parties.
  4. Please make sure you insert your email address correctly upon purchasing gift cards at our e-shop.
  5. V Spa is not accountable for damages caused by the unique code gift cards reaching third parties (including incorrectly inserted email addresses, individual forwarding settings etc).
  6. Gift cards are valid until their marked date. V Spa does not refund expired and unused gift cards.
  7. Gift cards cannot be exchanged for money. V Spa will not re-purchase gift cards nor swap them.
  8. The sum stated on V Spa gift cards can be used repeatedly until it is depleted
  9. Gift cards with more than one service are to be used consecutively on a single day.
  10. If your purchase exceeds the value of the gift card, you can pay the remaining amount with other acceptable means of payment at the moment of purchase.
  11. Gift cards cannot be purchased on financing contracts.
  12. The buyer has the right to withdraw from the sales contract within 14 days of receiving the gift card (when purchasing from e-shop, as of the day V spa sent the gift card to the provided email address). Transaction cannot be withdrawn if the unique code of the gift card has been used already.
  13. V Spa retains the right to change the terms and conditions of gift cards by announcing any changes at least 14 days prior to enforcing on their website www.vspa.ee.