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V Spa summer offers

Suvel on V Spas rohkem!

Et võtta veest viimast kehtib V Spa külastusaeg varasema 3 tunni asemel nüüdsest 4 tundi – et oleks piisavalt aega suveterrassil päevitada ning meie erinevatel lõõgastusaladel hetke nautida.

V Spa Sapphire

You’re right – thanks to this luxurious and rejuvenating treatment you will feel like a goddess.

75 min: 69€

Deep cleansing facial treatment – Sublime Glow

Yes, you know that a deeply cleansed face equals a healthy and radiant complexion.

45 min: 39€

Facial treatments-rituals according to skin type

Together with our beauticians, the treatment suitable especially for your skin will be selected

60min: 39€(Tavahind: 49€)

Youthful look

You are not mistaken if you think that we will pamper your eyes like there is no tomorrow. Dark circles, pouches, and signs of fatigue are now histories.

30 min: 29€

Gentleman’s facial rejuvenation

Yes, it is true that men from Hanseatic cities have been discovering the world, and those who arrived back home have brought along wisdom and advice. But, it is even more fun when this wisdom is presented by a gentleman with perfect skin.

60 min: 49€

Facial treatment for men

A facial treatment specially designed for men that is tailored to the particular needs of men’s facial skin, using the strong healing effect of the neem tree.

60 min: 59€

Body shape corrective massage treatments

Yes, the curves are the jewel of your body. However, sometimes you feel more confident when you are able to slide on jeans smaller than your regular size.

60 min: 39€(Tavahind: 45€)

Velvety touch

It is only natural that your body loves to get subjected to velvety pampering, especially when this ritual is introduced by a special Oceathérmie method.

45 min: 39€

Slimming body treatment

Of course, you want to slim down as if by magic. A special Océathermie ritual takes you exactly into the right frame of mind for a toning body wrap, during which you will be able to enjoy a relaxing head massage.

60 min: 49€

Bora Bora inspired body treatment

Understandably, you will aspire to offer your body the pampering embedded in ancient medical wisdom. Here the exfoliating, moisturizing and relaxing marine treatment meets massage.

60 min: 49€

A la carte Hand Treatment

Of course, you can feel more confident, if you greet friends and applaud in the theater with soft and youthful hands.

45 min: 32€

Classical foot treatments

Of course, your feet deserve pampering that would guarantee them a new lightness.

60 min: 39€

Wellness foot treatment

You are right; a person must feel good from head to toe. We can contribute to this by nurturing your feet.

75 min: 39€(Tavahind: 45€)

Luxurious foot treatment

We understand that you will enjoy the luxury and the care that will help you forget everything else. This grandiose treatment begins with a relaxing foot bath and a wrap which softens the calluses.

90 min: 54€

Detox foot treatment expelling waste matter

The Pedix Detox relaxation means a professional deep cleansing foot treatment that expels waste matter.

75 min: 45€

Garra Rufa Express Fish Treatment for feet

Would you like to experience something new? We recommend an exotic skin care procedure – Fish therapy.

20 min 1 person: 19€
20 min 2 person: 27€

Classic massage

You know what you like, and you know it has to be good. Classical or Swedish massage is the most common type of massage that relaxes in cases of both physical and mental stress.

60 min: 45€

Zanzibar island-inspired body treatment

Yes, you have been dreaming of tropical relaxation. But you do not need to look for exotics thousands of kilometers away.

60 min: 49€

Sports massage

Yes, you’re active and enjoy the challenges of the world of sports. Chasing medals is not the main thing, rewarding and rejuvenating your body is.

60 min: 49€

Treatment reducing signs of cellulite

It goes without saying that you want to occasionally remind your body that an orange peel skin is not welcome. Why not do it through pleasure and relaxation.

60 min: 49€(Tavahind: 59€)

Aromatherapy massage

It is only natural to want balance throughout your body, soul and mind. An Aromatherapy massage creates a perfect opportunity for that.

60 min: 49€

Head massage

Yes, this Indian head massage can be designed just for you, if you are intrigued by the ancient teachings on how to take care of yourself and prevent disease.

30 min: 28€

Massage with hot stones

A Lava stone massage is right for you, if you are thirsty for relaxing care, which would eliminate fatigue and stress, and feed you with vitality.

60 min: 49€

Foot massage

Of course, your feet need occasional pampering and refreshment. For this, the foot massage is just the right thing to have.

30 min: 28€

Chocolate massage

Yes, you have a sweet tooth. However, so does your body. Enjoy a chocolate massage with the resulting release of happiness hormones, improvement of feel and acceleration of the body’s metabolic processes.

60 min: 49€

Back and shoulder massage

Of course, you will enjoy the uplifting experience when a professional helps you to feel better in only half an hour.

30 min: 28€

Old-Estonian massage

You are right, if you cannot remember the past, you cannot live towards the future. Ancestral wisdom must be kept in mind and not let fall into oblivion.

60 min: 49€
90 min: 69€

Thai massage

We understand that occasionally your body needs a release from stress, depression or chronic fatigue.

60 min: 49€

Velus Jet

We understand that from time to time, you need to rebuild your energy stock and you need to pamper yourself.

15 min: 11€

Beautiful silhouette

Naturally, you want to feel like the best version of yourself. This cleansing and generally slimming spa ritual is exactly what you need.

75 min: 59€

V Spa body ritual

The Body spa ritual combines differing types of massage inspired by care.

60 min: 59€

Red wine romance treatment for two

Of course, you love the romance. Special moments with your loved one… what could be better? When entering the room with your sweetheart, you will find a red wine bubble bath.

60 min: 69€

Dual massage

Classic massage, which is performed simultaneously with two guests on adjacent massage tables.

60 min: 69€

V Spa holistic spa ritual for face and body

The ritual, which unites genuine care with unforgettable sensual pleasure.

90 min: 79€

Children’s massage

Relaxing care for children, in which the body is caressed and massaged with a pleasantly fragrant oil.

30 min: 28€

Firming peat body treatment with a massage

Firming body treatment accelerates the skin’s natural rejuvenation and recovery processes and helps to combat cellulite.

45 min: 39€

Deep moisturizing hemp body treatment with a massage

Soothing, instantly softening and moisture balance to regenerate the body. The treatment offers relief to even the most demanding skin.

45 min: 30€(Tavahind: 35€)

The perfect body treatment with a herb bath

Yes, you will enjoy taking time out and treat your body as a temple. Exactly this is why it could be something just for you.

75 min: 64€

Clearing AHA-BHA facial treatment

This unique treatment exfoliates, balances and rejuvenates.

45 min: 39€

Rejuvenating anti-aging facial treatment

Energizing super treatment that instantly returns the vitality of the skin, making it silky and restores natural defenses.

45 min: 33€(Tavahind: 39€)

Facial treatment according to the customer’s Dosha* type

The treatment is preceded by a Dosha body type test, according to which will be chosen the suitable Sundari products both for the treatment and for using later at home.

60 min: 54€

Healing neem tree facial treatment

This tremendous treatment softens, cleanses and heals even the most sensitive skin, supplying it with neem tree (known in India as a healing tree) extract.

60 min: 59€

Time defiant and firming Gotu Kola facial treatment

Sensuously pleasurable facial treatment, which makes the skin more youthful again.

75 min: 74€

Gotu Kola radiant body treatment

This radiant body treatment leaves skin silky soft and smooth.

60 min: 59€

Gotu Kola anti-cellulite treatment

This body treatment is extremely enjoyable, including a very wide range of firming Gotu Kola products.

60 min: 59€

Neem healing scalp treatment

Neem and coconut oil scalp treatment stimulates scalp blood circulation and hair growth, while at the same time being pleasantly relaxing.

30 min: 29€

The real men titanium body treatment with a bath

Pretty sure you’re a manly man. Yet you also need occasional care and pampering.

60 min: 49€

Relaxing bath treatment with natural sea water

Of course, the word natural makes you feel at home. Just like this particularly relaxing bath treatment, which cleanses and restores skin.

60 min: 39€(Tavahind: 49€)

Lavender milk bath with honey and vanilla

You are right; a lovely bath treatment pampers both body and soul. Enjoy the soothing and antiseptic properties of lavender.

20 min for one: 19€
30 min for two: 29€

The gold-rowan body treatment with a bath

True, you are special, which is why you also need special care. At the beginning of this luxurious, and at the same time natural pampering, we will peel your body with rowans.

60 min: 49€

Peppermint magnesium-massage bath

You remember correctly from your school days that magnesium is a mineral that is absorbed best through the water and through the skin.

20 min for one: 19€
30 min for two: 29€

Chocolate-caramel bubble bath (for children and for playful adults)

There’s no need for any words… mmmmm, these scents – as if you found yourself in a candy store.

20 min for one: 16€
30 min for two: 25€

A la carte nail treatment

Yes, you have beautiful nails, but we are able to make them even more beautiful. The treatment aromatherapy, offering pleasure and satisfaction.

60 min: 35€

A luxurious hand and nail treatment with nail polishing

Of course, you will enjoy when your nails and hands are treated luxuriously. Rejuvenating Hand Spa treatments will give your hands an energy impulse and makes the skin soft and supple.

A luxurious hand and nail treatment (75 min): 33€(Tavahind: 39€)
A luxurious hand and nail treatment with nail polishing (90 min): 45 €

Men’s hand treatment

You are a real man whose hands exhibit a lot of hard work and effort. Allow us to pamper them.

45 min: 32€

Girls’ nail treatment (children up to 12 yrs.)

Yes, when trying on your mother’s high-heeled shoes you still feel like a kid. But fortunately, there is no age limit for beautiful and cared for nails.

30 min: 19€

Tai lõõgastav jalamassaaž

Pöidade punktmassaaži erivariantide kasutamine stabiliseerib energeetilist ja füüsilist tasakaalu organismis, parandab südame-veresoonkonna ja lümfisüsteemi talitlust,

Tai lõõgastav jalamassaaž 60 min: 42€