Traditional Thai massage with oil

This treat is a perfect combination of muscle and trigger point massage. Manual therapy accompanied by our masseuses experience is an utmost relaxation for the whole body, resulting in many satisfied guests falling asleep during the massage. The essential oils used in our Thai massage affect the nerve endings, extract toxins from the body and help get rid of headaches and insomnia. This near-magical ritual is expertly done taking into account every guests individual needs. Our masseuses use their experience and know-how to ease the stiffness in muscles and joints. After a thorough massage the soles of your feet and hands will feel warm and flexible, while the skin is nourished and aromatic. At the end of the procedure, you will experience a masterfully conducted head massage, with slight stretching and all excess oil will be removed.

60 min: 68€
60 min (Mon-Fri 9-14): 59€
90 min: 90€
90 min (Mon-Fri 9-14): 80€
120 min: 111€
120 min (Mon-Fri 9-14): 99€
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