Hiro facial massage

The Spanish corrective face massage, known as the Chiromassage, is a magical treat for anyone seeking to retain vitality and muscle tone without chemical alterations.

This treatment originates from many classical and oriental massage techniques and uses a variety of relaxing and efficient manipulations to the face, neck, and chest area. It improves elasticity, muscle tone, and face oval by stimulating the skin cells and facial muscles.

When booking this treatment, please make sure you are not ailed by any of the following: skin lesions, acne or other skin diseases, severe asthma, fever, and vasculitis. We also do not recommend booking the treatment if you have received Botox injections or if it has been less than 10 days since chemical peeling.

Hiro facial massage with lymph stimulation:

The Hiro facial massage with lymph stimulation will help your body to detoxify and boost its immunity threshold. The treatment includes massaging your face, neck and back of the head with gentle and slow motions which stimulate the lymph system efficiently. The effects of the massage are deep-felt, making your skin feel and appear younger. It is also a perfect way to alleviate stress, thus improving your mood significantly. The treatment deters facial bloating, dark circles, and lymph disorders and helps with migraine, stress, facial rashes, tinnitus, and burns. It is also suitable as pre- and post-op treatment for facioplasty.

Please do not book this treatment if you are ailed by malignant tumors, inflammation, hyperthyroidism, thrombosis, heart failure, hypotonia, asthma, severe kidney diseases, or if you have large birthmarks in the face and/or neck area.

60 min: 64€
60 min (Mon-Fri 9-14): 56€
90 min (Hiro facial massage with lymph stimulation): 86€
90 min (Hiro facial massage with lymph stimulation; Mon-Fri 9-14): 76€
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