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V Spa gift card is a great gift for friends and family members, colleagues, employees, and business partners.

Price: 25€–50€

For the amount stated on the gift cards you can purchase any products and services sold by V Spa.

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spaanaudinguid kuni:
See on Sinu V Spa Võlukaart, mis kehtib kaardil märgitud tähtajani ning on kasutatav seni, kuni kaardil märgitud summa on ära kulutatud. Võlukaart pole vahetatav raha vastu ning kehtivusaja ületanud kaart sobib vaid mälestuseks. Võlukaart on kasutatav vaid välja prindituna ning rikutud või kaotatud kaart tuleb uuesti välja printida.
This is your magical V Spa gift card. The card is valid until the whole sum marked on the card is used up or until the noted date has passed. The gift card is not exchangeable for money and needs to be printed out for presenting it at V Spa. Expired cards only hold value as a memory and unreadable, ruined and lost cards need to be reprinted.
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