Fitness room

Of course, you love to make efforts in order to obtain or maintain a beautiful body. Our fitness room will create for you a favorable environment for this purpose:
  • 42 m²
  • Use of the fitness room is included in the ticket of the Spa center
  • In the fitness room, you can work out independently
  • Children under 14 can use the fitness room only when accompanied by an adult
Cardio component:
  • Elliptical trainer - the ellipse with different modes is suitable for both the athlete, as well as beginners. The movement trajectory of the machine is friendly to your joints and does not unduly burden the knees.
  • S-Drive - functional running trail - allows imitating pushing a sleigh and pulling it in your shadow. Of course, it is also possible to simply jog and run at your own pace. Additional Information: Video
  • Rowing machine - classic rowing machine with a magnetoresistance
  • Tomahawk IC3 spin wheels - exercise bikes suitable for modern spinning and regular riding.

*will be added on Dec 16/Jan 17 Matrix T1x running track - running track with electric power and angle adjustment

Strength component:
  • Smith- bar - allows safely to perform exercises for the whole body. For example, lower body exercises: squats, lugs, deadlift, buttock lifts. Together with the adjustable bench, you can also do exercises for the upper body, such as the bench press, shoulder press, rowing for the back, etc.
  • Adjustable sloping bench - allows you to use different pushes/flyings and exercises with the Smith- bar. Thanks to the negative angle and leg holders it can also be used as an abdominal bench or as a bench press with a negative slope.
  • Free Weights - in the selection is 1, 25kg dumbbell and a straight bar. In addition to the biceps (Z-Bar), there are many different upper body exercises.
Stretching component:
  • Wall bars with a Bosu ball allows you to perform a variety of exercises for the muscles of the abdomen, buttocks, etc. and, of course, to the classic stretches.