V Elegant facial treatment

Vestige Verdant, a through and through natural and luxurious skin care product, will give your skin a fresher, youthful and brighter look. Vestige Verdant is made to fit all skin types for all ages and efficiently improves even problematic skin.

V elegant facial treatment begins with a peat mask by Vestige Verdant, with the purpose of vitalizing your skin while giving it a thorough cleansing and removing all toxins. This is then followed by a gentle massage with the Rare Oil Blend from Vestige Verdant that soothes and moisturizes the skin making it soft and silky. The treatment is then rounded up with an eye-orientated massage done with a daedal Infinity Eye Serum by Vestige Verdant. This will also ease swelling and remove the dark pouches beneath the eyes. The procedure is followed by a refreshed, revived and youthful feel.

45 min: 42€
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