Honey massage

Honey massage is a luxurious body treatment done with only pure natural honey. During the massage, the honey is absorbed in the skin and the bioactive ingredients in it give the metabolism a reinvigorating effect through the lymph and blood circulation. The honey contains vast amounts of nurturing vitamins, minerals and micro elements that leave your skin nourished and soft. During the massage, the honey cleanses and tightens the skin, while also helping dissolve accumulated salts near the vertebral column and joints. The first two honey massages can leave the body aching, depending on your threshold of pain. The sensation of pain depending on the location will demonstrate areas on your body that need extra care. After the massage slight bruising might follow, but will fade away during a few days. For a relaxing afterthought at home, a camomile compress will have a pleasant nurturing and toning effect on your skin.

After the massage, your skin will be nourished and soft as silk. Honey massage itself is superb for  people who want to tone and tighten loose skin and rid their body of cellulite.

75 min: 69€
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