Oriental facial massage ritual

Our relaxing and holistic facial massage ritual makes sure that your well-being is complete for the whole body. The treatment affects the functioning of the body on an energetic level, offering your body and mind a state of deep relaxation often missing in our busy lives. The energetic ritual is a perfect treat for anyone who wishes to leave anxiety, headaches and stress behind them.

Our holistic facial massage ritual is filled with eastern traditions aimed at ensuring the well-being of the whole body. The treatment begins with a cleaning foot scrub for the feet, as is the Ayurvedic way. Your face will then be treated with a Ayurvedic massage. The effect of renewed energetic flow is very individual, and the following relaxation may be preceded by a feeling of heaviness, dizziness and a headache, which is common when the body is ridding itself of toxins.

The treatment is contraindicated during pregnancy, also for people suffering from epilepsy, thyroid diseases, severe inflammations and high blood pressure not regulated with medications.

75 min: 69€
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