Facial treatment according to the customer’s Dosha* type

The treatment is preceded by a Dosha body type test, according to which will be chosen the suitable Sundari products both for the treatment and for using later at home. Then we will proceed to the foot ritual – this traditional greeting for venerable guests originates from ancient oriental traditions, the ritual helps to release the tension and stress and prepares for a relaxing aromatic journey. The holistic facial treatment regenerates and rejuvenates the skin and perfectly adapts to the customer’s specific skin needs. The peculiar Sundari Marmassage (special massage stimulating vital points) performed at the beginning of the treatment complements the special experience even more, and has a revitalizing and rejuvenating effect on the skin and helps to create new skin cells. The natural active substances used in peeling, in the mask, and in the cream provide a thoroughly cleansed and nourished skin.

* Dosha combines a variety of behaviors of the body and the mind. Dosha is like an invisible force that is responsible for the body, the mind and the mental processes of the whole organism. Ayurveda classifies people into Dosha types according to the characteristics of the types that are most found in the person. Ideally, a person has all three of these types in balance, but in most cases, however, one of the types tends to dominate.

The treatment uses Sundãri products.

60 min: 42€(Tavahind: 54€)
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