V Spa is reopened

Dear Friends of V Spa,

Our doors are reopened as of 17th March.

In addition to the procedures recommended by the Health Board, V Spa has installed a new state-of-the-art water treatment system for all its domestic water systems, which will ensure that our water is in an environment that is unsuitable for the reproduction of microorganisms. This system also guarantees the safety of the water and its lack of odour and taste. By implementing this installation, the Health Board has authorised V Spa to reopen the spa centre starting from 17th March.

Your safety is our top priority and therefore we will continue to carry out both additional in-house sampling as well as the regular sampling required by the Health Board. Those results, as well as the results for all spas and swimming pools in Estonia, are always publicly available here: https://vtiav.sm.ee/?active_tab_id=U.

Based on regular testing so far, V Spa has been one of the most compliant spa centres when it comes to requirements set by the Health Board, and we promise to carry on with this.